Let PORTRAIT DE FEMME ® seduce you. Portraits of Real women...the shooting that speaks about you.

PORTRAIT DE FEMME IS YOU! Your personality, your beauty, your face!

This is a service offered by image experts,it is aimed at women who want to have fun and enhance their beauty.

Make-up, hairstyle, manicure, luxury lingerie, location and hamman will make you feel beautiful and "snuggle" in a context of great effect or privacy depending on your taste and style. Complicity, relax and playfulness are the essential aspects of this photoshoot.

Who is the ideal subject of this kind of photoshoot? Anyone, there is no need to have a sculptural beauty, what matters is to have the desire to get involved, to feel more beautiful and show sides of personality that not always are perceived.

The photo shoot can take place in a hotel room, in a spa, in a 19th century villa, or at home. It can be done with ingerie, casual dresses or even naked...
PORTRAIT DE FEMME ® is the enhancement of your beauty.
It can be a pre-wedding shooting or a romantic one; it can also be achieved by involving more friends in occasion of "AVEC LES AMIS", "HEN PARTY"or "BABY SHOWER".

PORTRAIT DE FEMME ® is designed by photographer Micaela Zuliani - MKZPHOTO.COM ® - a poliedric artist who has really focused on social awareness campaigns.





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